About Us


The PIK Consulting Group understands the competitive and dynamic environment present in foreign markets resulting from complex economic, political, and regulatory variables.  Our driving focus is to provide solutions to our clients that will allow them to navigate these complex issues and establish a lasting foothold with sustained competitive advantage.  We do this by thoroughly defining potential markets, crafting strategies to realize sustainable revenue growth, and advising our clients on how to best manage their continued portfolio execution.  We also understand the crucial impact of culture in achieving success – the culture of your company, of your partners, and of your desired market – and are prepared to guide you toward achieving the correct fit.

As a boutique firm, we earn the trust of our clients and partners by providing tailored quality services and a track record of success through enabling sustainable revenue growth and profits.  Our tailored strategies are designed to overcome your unique challenges while minimizing risk, maintaining flexibility for the pursuit of emergent financial opportunities, and building key relationships that offer value to your operations.  We will guide your firm in selecting and enabling those projects which will result in a significant return on investment.